Real-Time Message Relay via Text Messaging, Email, Phone & More

It’s Simple: Your Calls Handled To Your Specifications

We provide each client with a full set of account handling options so that you can specify exactly how you want your calls to be handled. Waiting for a specific caller that you want patched to your cell phone immediately? No problem. Would you like to receive a text message for every sales inquiry call that we recieve? That’s easy.

We can even process your inbound emails and react according to your instructions when your emails are regarding particular subjects or when they’re from specified senders. Do you want us to text you when Ms. Smith emails you? Consider it done.

Delivery Options

Messages and orders may be delivered in a variety of ways: hold for call in, call out (to cell phone, home phone etc.), digital page, alpha-page, e-mail, fax each as taken, voice mailbox, web retrieval, fax summary and e-mail summary. Orders are restricted to certain delivery types when sensitive information is gathered.

The Possibilities Are Endless

There’s no reason to drown in an a flood of incoming business communications (emails, phone calls, texts, tweets, Facebook posts, etc.) … and you don’t have to lost control of how your business communications are handled just because you aren’t handling them all yourself. Our Account Set-Up Specialists will work with you to configure our services to work for you and your clients.

Looking For More Information?

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Atlanta Telephone Answering Service’s live telephone answering service solutions will redefine what you expect from a telephone answering service.