If you are shopping for a product or service, would you rather speak with a live person or leave a message in a voice mail?

The vast majority of the public much prefer speaking with a live person, so it only follows businesses looking for a competitive edge would see this desire as a means to increase their bottom line. Answering services have been around since the invention of the telephone over one hundred years ago. While many people anticipated that this type of service would become unnecessary with the popularity of cellular phones, text messaging and newer technologies, answering services have become more prevalent than ever. There is an underlying core behind this concept:

People like speaking with other people.

Our call centers are U.S. based and all of our operators are English speaking. Our operators are professionally trained with a training program that we have taken many years to develop. Also, we believe the work environment plays a primary role in the health and happiness of our operators. Injury prevention training, ergonomically correct seating and state of the art workstations all add up to reduce the possibility of repetitive strain.

Our workplace means more productive agents, not only for us, but more importantly, for our clients. Our agents are closely monitored and must meet strict requirements to remain employed. We don’t settle for less because we don’t think you should.

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